Guess who’s going to San Diego Comic Con yet again?! It’s me! W00T

This means tons of coverage on TV series, movies, games, and AUTHORS. I met Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs last year and we made the news!! That was a lot of fun. Kim won’t be there this year unfortunately, but there is so much to do there with so little time. I had an absolutely fabulous time and I’m looking for this year to be even better!

While last year’s ticketing experience was an absolute 3-hour DISASTER and I only got my tickets out of luck, this year they’ve implemented a new system that had me on my way in 10 minutes.  Of course the whole thing sold out in under 2 hours, but at least it was better organized.

Next up is the hotel lottery.  I won’t even get into the issue last year…okay I totally will. Being the Comic Con virgin that I was, I had no clue about waiting until their hotel lottery, so I tried to be an eager beaver and book a backup room in December with hopes that the significant con discount could be applied later after badge sales (because I sure as hell wasn’t trying to pay the whole unreasonably inflated price). I booked by phone and specifically confirmed with the associate that my room would not be charged right away and I could cancel up until 2 days before the con. I asked her several times and she said “YES”.  One month later, I see a $2,200 charge on my credit card. I’m of course scratching my head and looking at my calendar because I could have SWORN that the con wasn’t for another 6 months! So I called them up and they give me the spiel that when I booked I agreed to paying the full non-refundable rate.  HA!! So getting that straight (because I refused to take that laying down) took up the better half of my January. Moral of the story…book everything online where you can read the fine print and you have written proof >_>.  SDCC 2012 here we come!

If any of you guys plan to go, please keep me posted! I’d love to meet even more of you.

2 responses

  1. River

    Oh don’t worry, you will be fine with the hotel picking. I have faith in you! xD

    March 6, 2012 at 3:05 PM

    • Thanks! Though it might help to remember the date, rofl. I know it’s veeery soon!

      March 6, 2012 at 3:13 PM

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