The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire Trilogy, Book 2) – I read it in the day, it was just that good!

The rift walker by Susan griffith and clay griffith, vampire empireThe Rift Walker (Book 2 in the Vampire Empire series) takes place a number of months after first book, The Greyfriar. Adele is trying her best to stall her wedding, and in turn stall the impending war against the vampires, which would come at a much higher price than Adele is willing to pay. Lucky for her she has Greyfriar who returns to her side, putting us on pace for another swashbuckling adventure, and then some. They are on the run with her nation, her husband-to-be are on their trail, leaving her home vulnerable to enemy vampires’ advances.

Over the course of this novel Adele’s powers of geomancy are increasing to an end that no one can predict. Her love, The Greyfriar, is determined to stay by her side anyway, even if it’s to his own detriment, and the loyalties of a choice few in her court are tested as they also stand with the princess through much adversity.

First off, the model for the covers of these books totally reminds me of Mitchell the vampire on BBC’s Being Human, played by actor Aidan Turner.

I figured this was a good pic to use since the costuming is fairly close, though that’s from a photoshoot for The Hobbit.

As for the story, there was a lot of ground covered in this book with many significant developments. I was told that I should wait for the 3rd and final book to be released before reading this series; I though I’d be fine. But I’ve become quite attached to the characters and this world now. I am anxious to see how this saga ends so I sort of wish I heeded that advice.

Adele and Greyfriar’s love seems more and more impossible by the page but they are still fighting hard for each other and that’s really admirable to me. I just have a bad feeling about it, even though I want to be as hopeful as the two characters seem to be.

I still love Adele and Greyfriar the most, but her cat, Pet, is certainly up there. Their moments are super adorable with the little fur ball and (along with Adele and The Greyfriar’s moments) I admit it gave me the warm fuzzies.

Unlike the first book where it took the 50% mark to get me hooked, this book got going around the 33% mark, though the beginning is still fairly slow. At this point slow starts can be considered a pattern for this series.

Like the first book there is a blend of action, world building, and character development that really rounds out the story. It’s all well done, despite the boring politics. I really look forward to September, or maybe earlier if I’m lucky enough to nab an ARC. This series is a gem and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine. I read this in a day and I implement a 5-star policy for any full-length novel that can keep me engaged enough to read it that quickly. I suspect when the third and final book is released, it will be the same.

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  1. Marcia

    Soooo glad you are enjoying the series, since I voted for it! *smile* Your feelings are pretty much in line with mine.

    (WARNING: Some Possible Spoilers Here):

    The second book was stronger than the first, and I love the way the plot is developing. Having five cats, myself, I also enjoy that Garreth is a cat person. It makes me smile, every time. (I loved when he sent her the cat at the end of Book 1, btw.) My only complaint with the either book is the Ugly American aspect of her husband to be, which I feel is heavy-handed, at the very least, and quite possibly meant to be downright anti-American. From a purely literary, and non-political viewpoint, I feel he’s a poorly written & buffoonish character, and not really worthy of these books.

    I do love the Evil Brother (whose name escapes me right now). He’s a villain I can enjoy hating.

    As for the lovely covers, I’m pretty sure the model is the same one used for The Dresden Files books (my absolute favorite Urban Fantasy series of all time). So I have a soft spot for that face, already. And any Chris McGrath cover is a joy to behold, imho. I’m not sure what the falling rose petals on the cover of Book 2 had to do with anything , but I love it, anyway.

    Like you, I’ve become invested in these characters and this world, and I can’t wait for the last book. A pretty good introduction to Steam Punk, isn’t it?

    March 15, 2012 at 11:56 AM

    • I have one cat so I know the feeling as well. Clark is an interesting character and very boisterous. I can see how he falls into the negative American stereotype, but the authors are also American, so I wonder what their take on it is.

      I think Cesare is a great villain myself.

      That model gets around! I honestly had no idea because his face is strategically obscured on the Dresden covers (similar strategy to Rachel Morgran until recently).

      March 17, 2012 at 12:35 AM

  2. Diva

    Yes, McGrath does awesome covers.

    So this is just gong to be a trilogy? Maybe I’ll push this back down my ‘to read’ list until we’re closer to September then.

    March 15, 2012 at 3:57 PM

    • You should but I selfishly wish you wouldn’t because I want more people to discuss it with. The more the merrier :P.

      March 17, 2012 at 12:36 AM

  3. Marcia

    Yep, a trilogy. The 3rd/last book is entitled The Kingmakers, and as you say, will be released in September. If you have plenty on your To Be Read pile, waiting until you can read them back to back would probably be good. That’s my favorite way to read any series, when possible. But sometimes, I just can’t wait for them all to be available.

    March 15, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    • I’m similar to you, Marcia. I want to get the whole thing out of the way. I am waiting to do that with the Sookie Stackhouse books since there are only 2 books left.

      March 17, 2012 at 12:36 AM

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