Thread of Death – Short and sweet Elemental Assassin Story

Thread of Death - Jennifer Estep, Elemental Assassin 5.5This short story takes us through the aftermath and arc conclusion of Jennifer Estep’s 5th book, Spider’s Revenge.  On the outside, Gin looks as healthy as ever, but she’s still healing internally from her huge showdown with Mab.  Gin wants to drop by the old girl’s funeral to say her goodbyes (as weird as that may seem), but with her secret out she’s got an even bigger target on her back with all of Ashland’s underworld wanting a piece.

The this short was pretty good and fairly lengthy.  It’s definitely not worth reading if you didn’t read the 4th book, even though Estep is the queen of summarizing and rehashing.  Even the short story was no exception, but at least there was plenty of good stuff.  It gets to the meat of why I like the read these books which is for the action.  It’s not imperative that you read this installment if you’re just looking to catch up with everything, but it doesn’t disappoint.

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