Don’t Call Me Angel – Alicia Wright Brewster

Alicia Wright Brewster - Don't Call Me Angel If you want a quick and enjoyable read, Don’t Call Me Angel by Alicia Wright Brewster is a good choice.  The kick butt heroine this time around is Six, a fallen angel who has escaped from hell and is looking to start over with a clean slate on Earth.  However, Earth proves to be less of a utopia than she had hoped. Supernatural attract supernaturals and her run in with fellow supes causes her a lot of problems.

Her biggest problem is her partner who has escaped with her.  He’s been destroying human souls, which is all but inconspicuous to the underworld they’ve left behind.  Can she stop him in time? Or has he done enough damage to foil their secret escape?

For a novella, I quite enjoyed the world-building and character development.  Six has potential to grow on me as the series continues.  I was engaged for the whole story and I liked the approach of focusing on a female fallen “angel”.  I would like to see this perspective more often in other novels.  For the most part I enjoyed it, but it was difficult to determine what direction the story would take.  Until the end I wasn’t quite sure if it was going for a day-in-the-life approach.  The villains are pretty cool and I look forward to future novels where we can hopefully learn more about the supporting cast and see certain relationship dynamics flesh out a bit more.
*Review Copy Provided by the Author

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