The New Deadwardians – An interesting fusion of Zombies and Vampires

This new graphic novel series by Dan Abnett takes place in a semi post-apocalyptic Great Britain where the privileged have been gifted eternal life, while others are cursed to become the undead…zombies.  This is the status quo until a vampire turns up dead…like really dead.  And it’s up to vampire Chief Inspector George Suttle to get to the bottom of it before others of his kind are next.

Overall I enjoyed the read. The alternate names for the different species were cool: vampire = young; human = bright; zombie = restless. The artwork was decent and fitting for the atmosphere, which is pretty drab. The dialogue got a little confusing at times and I found myself have to reread parts to understand what was happening. George Suttle is a conflicted character who struggles with his vampirism and its price: he no longer feels or has the same desires as ordinary humans. He laments this internally, which gives him a very necessary dimension. The animosity between vampires and humans created just the right amount of tension as well while they have to face a common foe: the zombies.

I read this as an ARC of about 161 pages. I’m not sure how many issues this featured and if there is more story afterward, but I believe there is enough material for this to be an ongoing series. I’d like to read more of it.  It definitely has some originality going for it in a genre where it’s really hard to distinguish one book from the other.

*ARC provided by publisher.

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