Redemption (Penton Legacy, #1) – Had to push through to finish this one

Redemption, Penton Legacy, Susannah SandlinIn Susannah Sandlin’s new series, Penton Legacy, a vampire’s nightmare is realized when human blood, their major food source, is no longer readily available.  Vaccinated human blood for an unrelated pandemic has proven deadly to their kind, making supply low and demand high. With their race on the brink of starvation, a civil war looms.  This becomes a problem for master vampire, Aidan Murphy, who has managed to create a small peaceful community in Penton, Alabama with vampires and unvaccinated willing human donors.  Only one thing is missing–a doctor.  Aidan plans to remedy this by recruiting Dr. Krystal Harris with or without her consent. This obviously creates tension, but maybe it creates something else too…

Maybe it’s the timing, but this book really didn’t work for me. I am typically not a big insta-love fan, which is a major part of this book.  I had to pick it up and put it down more than once, eventually planning to give up altogether until I found an opportunity to finish it while doing a mindless task.

The writing isn’t the worst, but the overall impression came across as more formulaic than I was hoping because the synopsis seemed pretty interesting. It has occasional action and a truly deplorable villain whose inevitable demise is certainly easy to root for, but I believe the overall execution and world building could have been better. The ideas weren’t fleshed out well enough in favor of more mundane and uninteresting details.

It’s a kindle Prime freebie, so it doesn’t break the bank, but I don’t feel the need to continue with this one.

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