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San Diego Comic Con 2012 (Sunday) – Report, Pics, Vids, and…Giveaway?

Everything good must come to an end. We didn’t go for costumes on Sunday; it was just too exhausting. We like to use this time to thoroughly explore the exhibit hall, and that we did.  Of course it was my priority to get Gail Carriger’s autograph and this time it worked out!

Gail Carriger, Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, SDCC, Parasol Protectorate, Soulless

So here I am with an extra signed copy of Soulless and it’s got nowhere to go…or does it? For you guys I think I might just hold a giveaway really soon! Just stay tuned ~_^.

There’s not much to say so I’ll just post a few cool pics.

Someone’s all conned out:

Hello Kitty Chun-Li

It’s morphin’ time!

Speaking of which, the original black ranger should easily be pushing 40, yet he looks practically the same!

And some fun video:

Well Comic Con, it was good to know you! I’ll see you next year!

Staples Speed Test – How fast do you read?

I caught this on Kim Harrison’s Facebook today.

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

It said that I read 41% faster than the average person. And that wasn’t even with text to speech! GO ME!! How about you guys?

Soooo I tried those Hollows waffles! Yup, I added the mayo!

To round out Hollows week, this past Sunday I decided to crack open the Hollows Insider and put that waffle recipe (on page 134) to good use. If you don’t have that book yet, you should get it, but all is not lost if you still want the recipe; Kim has posted it here on her website.  If you don’t remember, back in Every Which Way But Dead (Book 3) Rachel and Trent end up eating waffles at his house after that boat explosion.  That was a pretty entertaining scene.  I wish we saw more of his cook, Maggie, in future books. She seemed like a good judge of character, but I digress…

However, if my memory serves me right Rachel is supposed to be allergic to eggs.  It didn’t hit me until I started making this post.  That’s a major ingredient for the waffles.  I shall inquire about that with Ms. Harrison as I am now curious.  Maybe it’s okay because it’s not purely egg? Kind of like how some people can still have dairy products (ie: ice cream, cheese, or yogurt) while not being able to tolerate milk directly.  I’m like that, though Silk Almond is delicious so I don’t miss milk at all. Here was a snapshot I took after mixing the wet and dry ingredients separately.  I combined them afterwards per the instructions, but I thought that adding the mayo sort of made the wet ingredients look like egg drop soup…

Hollows waffles Kim Harrison Rachel Morgan Trent kalamack

I used vitamin D milk and extra virgin olive oil.  I am not sure if that makes much of a difference, but the end result was very delicious and light waffle. Probably the best waffle I’ve ever had.  I plan to make more and toy around with different cooking oils. Maybe I’ll even try Silk instead for a batch.

So if any of you have a waffle maker on hand (or you’re fine just improvising and making Hollows pancakes), you should definitely give it a try.  On the rare occasion that I’ll eat a waffle (I average maybe 1-2 times per year) I normally get ready-made waffle mix; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is my motto.  But I’ve always been curious about the mayo aspect and after one of our members, Kat, asked me about it, I figured this was the perfect time to experiment.  If any of you have tried it or plan to, please let me know! I was quite pleased with the final product.  As for what’s next, I’m sort of curious about those brimstone cookies myself…

Finally got around to designing this thing!

I finally built up the nerve to design my blog!  I’ve been meaning to design it since I started, but between finding motivation and simply not having the time, it’s been tough.  This is probably the first weekend since Comic Con that I’ve had the opportunity to do absolutely nothing, so I was glad to finally get to chance to focus on it.  My Photoshop rustiness made it take a little longer than I thought it would, but you live and you learn.  I blame Adobe for updating practically every 5 minutes!

I hope this has a more Urban Fantasy feel than the original default version.   I plan to provide many reviews, news, and general thoughts this fall.   So if you’re a friend on Goodreads, twitter, an author (yes, one has dropped by), or just someone in general that loves the genre, I’d love to hear from you.  This is YOUR URBAN FANTASY afterall! Feel free to subscribe on the link to your write…errr right.

Happy reading! I’m about to get back to it myself…

So many series, so little time!

Hello, fellow Paranormal and Urban Fantasy fans!  I figure I will share a little history about myself.  For the past 6 years I’ve been an avid fan of The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.  Aside from catching up on all of the Anita Blake series, I didn’t really follow much else.

All of that changed this past January when I purchased a Kindle.  So far I have read 22 new books.  If it’s good enough, I will devour it.  Needless to say, my love for reading has been renewed and I’m excited to have a broadened my horizons a bit.  Based on this blog’s title, it’s pretty easy to tell that I like vampires.  Since branching out to other series, I can safely say you won’t see reviews for only vampire series.  I love other series, but after a while I do feel the need to read a good ‘ole vampire story.  And no, I did not discover how great vampires were until Twilight (though I don’t consider them as actual vampires; you need fangs, sorry!).   With that said, I’ve been a fan long before this craze and will be a fan long after it fades.

The plan for me will be to post all of my reviews–past and present–for related series I have read.  You can expect a majority of them to center on adult Urban Fantasy and Paranormal series more so than the Young Adult genre; however, I did read quite a few Young Adult series as a teen, so I may include those in my blog for nostalgia.  I may also review other genre and media including tv series, movies, manga, and games.  I may even review products on occasion.

Over the next few months, I have a few goals including:

  • re-designing this blog
  • reading and reviewing series, both new and old
  • preparing for San Diego Comic Con this July

And maybe not in that order, haha.  You can imagine that my schedule will get pretty hectic.  For Comic Con alone I will be spending a good deal of time working on creating my costumes (thank goodness I’m collaborating with my friend, and she’ll be doing most of the tough stuff).  On top of that, I would like to meet several authors who will be there that may ring a bell to you:

  • Kim Harrison
  • Chloe Neill
  • Patricia Briggs
  • Christopher Moore

While I have not read the works of the latter two, by the time of the con that won’t be the case.  Here’s hoping they won’t mind my crazy costumes!  I hope to provide any coverage I can for those of you who cannot make it, and maybe even meet up with those of you who will be there!

Decisions, decisions, what should be my first blog topic? Of course, the Kindle! Stay tuned!

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