San Diego Comic Con 2012 (Sunday) – Report, Pics, Vids, and…Giveaway?

Everything good must come to an end. We didn’t go for costumes on Sunday; it was just too exhausting. We like to use this time to thoroughly explore the exhibit hall, and that we did.  Of course it was my priority to get Gail Carriger’s autograph and this time it worked out!

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So here I am with an extra signed copy of Soulless and it’s got nowhere to go…or does it? For you guys I think I might just hold a giveaway really soon! Just stay tuned ~_^.

There’s not much to say so I’ll just post a few cool pics.

Someone’s all conned out:

Hello Kitty Chun-Li

It’s morphin’ time!

Speaking of which, the original black ranger should easily be pushing 40, yet he looks practically the same!

And some fun video:

Well Comic Con, it was good to know you! I’ll see you next year!

San Diego Comic Con is under way!

Hi guys! So SDCC 2012 is under way and I’m having a good ‘ole time.  Just thought I’d post a couple of pics!

I got to meet Chris Daughtry outside of our hotel yesterday:









We also met the Giorgio Tsoukalos, the host of Ancient Aliens:









Not too bad for a Thursday, lol. So Gail Carriger, author of the Parasol Protectorate series, is also here and I plan to get an autograph! Now begs the question, would any of YOU like to be the lucky recipient of a signed copy of her book?  Decisions Decisions!

Also managed to take a few creepy videos:

Don’t think I could own one of these

Creepy as hell!

Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison Signing Seattle Q&A – In case you missed it…

You can still watch Wednesday’s hour long but very entertaining and funny Q&A for both of these wonderful authors. I’m not sure for how long Harper Voyager will keep this available, so make sure you catch it ASAP! And if you’ve already seen it, any thoughts?

Guess who’s going to San Diego Comic Con yet again?! It’s me! W00T

This means tons of coverage on TV series, movies, games, and AUTHORS. I met Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs last year and we made the news!! That was a lot of fun. Kim won’t be there this year unfortunately, but there is so much to do there with so little time. I had an absolutely fabulous time and I’m looking for this year to be even better!

While last year’s ticketing experience was an absolute 3-hour DISASTER and I only got my tickets out of luck, this year they’ve implemented a new system that had me on my way in 10 minutes.  Of course the whole thing sold out in under 2 hours, but at least it was better organized.

Next up is the hotel lottery.  I won’t even get into the issue last year…okay I totally will. Being the Comic Con virgin that I was, I had no clue about waiting until their hotel lottery, so I tried to be an eager beaver and book a backup room in December with hopes that the significant con discount could be applied later after badge sales (because I sure as hell wasn’t trying to pay the whole unreasonably inflated price). I booked by phone and specifically confirmed with the associate that my room would not be charged right away and I could cancel up until 2 days before the con. I asked her several times and she said “YES”.  One month later, I see a $2,200 charge on my credit card. I’m of course scratching my head and looking at my calendar because I could have SWORN that the con wasn’t for another 6 months! So I called them up and they give me the spiel that when I booked I agreed to paying the full non-refundable rate.  HA!! So getting that straight (because I refused to take that laying down) took up the better half of my January. Moral of the story…book everything online where you can read the fine print and you have written proof >_>.  SDCC 2012 here we come!

If any of you guys plan to go, please keep me posted! I’d love to meet even more of you.

Kim Harrison Signing Part 2 – Autumn Leaves saved the day! (Pics, video, and sound bites)

Though I got to meet Kim on Friday, one of our fellow members, Autumn Leaves, met Kim yesterday! If any one else will be attending a signing and would like for me to make a post about it I’ll be more than happy to do it.

As for Autumn’s signing. This was held in Atlanta.  Thankfully they held the Q&A session this time.  She was able to record a couple of sound bites and I have uploaded them here. She was able to address the questions about elves being able to feel cold (they can after a while).  A few facts not on the recording (quoted from Autumn):

  • When she was signing my book, I asked her the question about Trent being able to read Rachel’s mind – she said it is not so much that he can read her mind, it’s just that he knows her so well. (more…)

Kim Harrison – A Perfect Blood Tour Signing Report (Video and Pics)

vampirenovelfan and Kim harrison - A Perfect Blood signing - Your Urban FantasyI couldn’t even sleep in late today. I woke up at 7am and the first thing I thought of was posting about the signing for your guys.  So I guess I’ll start from the top.

Rambling about the commute: I left out around 5pm since the event started at 7pm.  It was raining a bit yesterday so traffic was even more horrendous than usual for the DC Metro area (we’re ranked #1  in the whole country for the worst traffic if you didn’t know).  Normally a 25 minute trip from my usual route was going to take an estimated 2 hours, so I opted for a slightly longer route in hopes to still get there on time.  I-95 traffic was slow but moving until it suddenly turned into a parking lot.  I saw emergency vehicles passing on the shoulder so I figured there was an accident.  I eventually saw everything fairly close ahead and cars were down to one lane to get through.  Since I know fans travel far to her signings (I traveled 3 hours for Black Magic Sanction in 2010 and then flew to San Diego Comic Con last year), I was really concerned that some people wouldn’t make it. (more…)

Kim Harrison Book Signing – I need your help with questions and comments!

Hi again, guys! So Kim Harrison is coming to the Washington, DC area for a signing next Friday, February 24th to promote A Perfect Blood!  I plan to tweet, facebook, take pics and record some bits, so if you have any questions that you’d like me to ask her directly I’ll be more than happy to do it…and I’ll record it for you. Or heck even if you have comments about your favorite characters, ships, plot lines or whatever I’ll tell her.  Sure, you could just ask her yourself on her blog, but it’d fun to see her speak it too, no? A little help here people!  ~_^.

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