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Poll Results – Midnight’s Daughter it is!!

Thanks for your input, everyone! This poll confirms that my indecision was clearly justified. It really was a tight race! I’ll start with Dorina (which I am enjoying quite a bit already), and then it”ll just be a toss up from there.  I am so excited!!

Poll: Which book should I read next? You decide!

I’m going to do a quick poll this weekend because I am conflicted as to which novel I want to start this coming Monday, though I may leave it ongoing to decide which series should follow.  Hopefully you guys can help me out! Keep in mind that I typically like to read books in a series back to back, so the longer the series, the longer it will take for me to get to something else.

Option 1

Grave Witch (Alex Craft #1) – I’ve been meaning to get around to this series for some time. I’ve heard good things and book 3 was released this July.

Option 2

First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson #1) – another series that I’ve heard good things about.  The fourth book is due out on October 30th (along with like…3 other books I’ve been eying >_>).

Option 3

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1) – Cat and Bones, I know I know.   It’s taken me a while to get around to this one because I was pretty unimpressed with one of her spin-off PNR novels.  But I hear this series is more UF and many seem to like it, so I’ve finally come around to being willing to give it a try.  This series has 6 books out already and I’ll be honest and say that even though I have polled it, I likely won’t read this first since it already has so many books out.  I honestly only added this to the mix because “Grave” seems to be a pretty popular trend here when it comes to these titles, and I find that amusing :P.

Option 4

Midnight’s Daughter (Dorina Basarab #1)
– I have my quirks with the Cassie Palmer series, namely Cassie, but I’ve been told by a number of people that Dorina is actually more likeable. The third book is due out on October 2nd, a date that is fast-approaching.

So please VOTE and share your thoughts!

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