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Finally got around to designing this thing!

I finally built up the nerve to design my blog!  I’ve been meaning to design it since I started, but between finding motivation and simply not having the time, it’s been tough.  This is probably the first weekend since Comic Con that I’ve had the opportunity to do absolutely nothing, so I was glad to finally get to chance to focus on it.  My Photoshop rustiness made it take a little longer than I thought it would, but you live and you learn.  I blame Adobe for updating practically every 5 minutes!

I hope this has a more Urban Fantasy feel than the original default version.   I plan to provide many reviews, news, and general thoughts this fall.   So if you’re a friend on Goodreads, twitter, an author (yes, one has dropped by), or just someone in general that loves the genre, I’d love to hear from you.  This is YOUR URBAN FANTASY afterall! Feel free to subscribe on the link to your write…errr right.

Happy reading! I’m about to get back to it myself…

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