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A Family Affair – Okay, Pritkin’s Irresistable

John Pritkin - A Family Affair Cassie Palmer Cassandra PalmerOnly a couple of blog posts ago I was sort of ranting about this series and whether or not I would be able to keep going.  As much as its quirks get on my nerves, I can’t really see myself actually stopping and not seeing Pritkin’s story unfold.   While I do think Mircea has potential to be interesting, so far I don’t think the series is living up to it. Pritkin on the other hand remains shrouded in mystery and intrigue even as a lot of his background comes to light.   After reading his short story, I think I would love this series if it were primarily from his point of view.

The story itself is just okay for me, but it’s rare that novella’s are as compelling as a full novel.  What I really liked the most was the potential and getting a little taste of John’s world from his perspective and seeing how he juggles several responsibilties from his dedication to Cassie, his heritage, and his mission.  I would probably be a Cassie/Pritkin shipper more easily if it were from his point of view.   If you like the ship, I really don’t think you’re going to want to miss this one.  It’s just too bad Karen Chance has to follow the trend and keep her urban fantasy series from the female’s point of view.

All caught up with the Cassie Palmer books by Karen Chance

I have to start off by saying that the biggest plus to this is how well the book matches my blog background, haha.

Just forewarning that I do have a bit of a rant ahead in general, and it contains some spoilers.

I was considering writing more, but I realized this would either be super long or fairly short, so I’m taking the shorter route.  After much lauding I finally got around to the Cassie Palmer Saga.  I expected a lot of action and supposedly a ton of love interests that would leave me not knowing which team I shipped.  That’s not really my thing but I gave it a try anyway…and this series only affirms why is isn’t.  The series kicks off with a ton of options, but by the 5th book there’s really only two as one was swept under the rug.  The first one gets a little side story that I’m in the middle of reading now (though it feels like such an afterthought since I know the character literally goes nowhere) after he’s just used as a plot device to take Cassie’s virtue.

As for the other two, they are at least interesting as characters in their own right, but I really have a hard time even beginning to talk about their complications with Cassie.  You have Pritkin (the overwhelming fan favorite), who starts out trying to kill her, yet they end up in a partnership and grow close over the course of the series.  Then there’s Mircea, super mysterious vampire, Dracula’s big bro, Senate member, and super sexy to boot who is Cassie’s current boyfriend, though it’s hard to tell most times.  The only real reason for their attraction initially was because of a spell.  With that done, why still go there with Pritkin obviously poised to be end game?   Mircea’s busy trying to lock her away, never telling her anything and then Pritkin’s always around for the action.  To me it just doesn’t feel like a real contest, so I was really irritated to hear the “L” word (for “love” not “lesbian”~_^) thrown around for Cassie and Mircea and then you have the kind of ending for this book where it’s very obvious she loves Pritkin and vice-versa.  Her issues with Mircea are dragged out and out and out to where it now just seems stupid.   I just don’t really see the point of them being together. I feel like it’s been books since Cassie can’t figure out who a special brunette girl is that Mircea keeps photos of.  Of course, if you’re not Cassie you know it’s Dorina, Mircea’s daughter (only because she’s the focal character in the spin-off series).  And actually as I think about it, it’s been 3 years, 3 Cassie Palmer books, and 2 Dorina books. What gives?

So after 5 books, I officially declare that I am not “Team Pritkin” or “Team Mircea”. Cassie ruins both for me.  I’m not sure if others aren’t quite bothered because as far as Pritkin’s concerned, it’s a matter of “when” they get together, not “if,” so pretty much anything Karen Chance throws in there in the meantime means nothing.  But that just doesn’t jive with me.  I don’t support either ship enough to validate essentially making Cassie…kind of a hoe.  Not really sure what else you can call it.  Cassie doesn’t really think on it much herself, be it before or after which is even more stupid.

I’m also not a huge fan of the pace.  It’s super fast and a lot of the action is really difficult to get into.  I have taken a liking to her body guard, Marco.  Sometimes you just feel bad for the guy since he’s pretty much responsible for Cassie and she’s always off nearly getting herself killed.  No, she can’t sit tight and look pretty, but there’s got to be a middle ground. Neither side is wrong per se.

I was strongly considering the Dorina Basarab series, but I hear that it’s just as fast-paced and on-the-go as Cassie Palmer.  A better lead female (at least for me because I’m not a Cassie fan at all) and no stupid “triangle” would be a plus, but the pacing usually exhausts me and I just READ the stuff so I’m not sure if I want to get to that right away.  There are a number of other series in the TBR pile that I’m more excited to get around to in the meantime.

Not sure if I will keep up with this series or not. I may read a couple of spoilers first. I would wait until couple of books are out, but I suspect that too much Cassie at once is more irritating than one every year, so I’m at a loss… We’ll just see how I feel in 2012. I mostly want to see what happens to Pritkin (as a character, not a love interest though I predict she’ll end up with him), but since Book 6 won’t be the final book I can expect the same song and dance, dragging it all out.

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