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San Diego Comic Con 2012 (Saturday) – Report, Pics, and Vids

Well, this was definitely the biggest day of the con.  We dressed up Thursday and then took a break on Friday, but for Saturday we decided to go all out once again (primarily thanks to the genius of my best bud, River). While it was a lengthy 5 hour process, it was well worth it.  We ended up making an article cover on Vanity Fair‘s website:

Comic con 2012, SDCC 2012

Here is the whole outfit:

eredar twins world of warcraft, WoW

No, I don’t recognize myself either.  The paint stayed on well, if not too well. It literally felt like a second skin, being somewhat constricting at times. We even tried to avoid laughing! Of course trying NOT to laugh only makes you laugh more…on the inside at least! The paint is pretty resilient!

One of the pluses of having a flashy costume is that you MAY have a shot at getting the attention of some celebs.  And that’s exactly what happened. We initially bumped into Katrina Law, one of the lead actresses on Spartacus. She was so awesome that she actually took a pic with her own camera and posted it to her facebook. She’s awesome!

Comic Con 2012

Next up was Nick Tarabay, also an actor on the show who plays a villain, but he plays it well. He was super nice…and hott ~_^

And Michael McMillian (Reverend Newlin) from True Blood stopped us for a pic. Of course we had to get one too, lol:

I asked him if he wanted a shot with some fang, haha.  He did!

We also managed to make G4.  The actor, John Barrowman, from Torchwood literally was staring me in the face before shooting. He was impressed with all of the costumes.

It was only for a few seconds, but it was a lot better than last year when we didn’t quite make it. You can see my fangs pretty well:

Here was another really cool video from that Saturday:

So yeah, it was an incredible Saturday. One downside to having this kind of costume is that it can really slow you down when it comes to attending events. Many times you’re stopped for pics, so because of that I missed Gail Carriger’s signing.  I was really looking forward to seeing her dress because it was some really cool steampunk outfit. But what can you do!

San Diego Comic Con is under way!

Hi guys! So SDCC 2012 is under way and I’m having a good ‘ole time.  Just thought I’d post a couple of pics!

I got to meet Chris Daughtry outside of our hotel yesterday:









We also met the Giorgio Tsoukalos, the host of Ancient Aliens:









Not too bad for a Thursday, lol. So Gail Carriger, author of the Parasol Protectorate series, is also here and I plan to get an autograph! Now begs the question, would any of YOU like to be the lucky recipient of a signed copy of her book?  Decisions Decisions!

Also managed to take a few creepy videos:

Don’t think I could own one of these

Creepy as hell!

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