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San Diego Comic Con 2012 (Sunday) – Report, Pics, Vids, and…Giveaway?

Everything good must come to an end. We didn’t go for costumes on Sunday; it was just too exhausting. We like to use this time to thoroughly explore the exhibit hall, and that we did.  Of course it was my priority to get Gail Carriger’s autograph and this time it worked out!

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So here I am with an extra signed copy of Soulless and it’s got nowhere to go…or does it? For you guys I think I might just hold a giveaway really soon! Just stay tuned ~_^.

There’s not much to say so I’ll just post a few cool pics.

Someone’s all conned out:

Hello Kitty Chun-Li

It’s morphin’ time!

Speaking of which, the original black ranger should easily be pushing 40, yet he looks practically the same!

And some fun video:

Well Comic Con, it was good to know you! I’ll see you next year!

San Diego Comic Con 2012 (Friday) – Report, Pics, and Vids

While this was a Robert Downey, Jr. impersonator, the real RDJ was there.

So I’ve been holding off on this for a little while, but I guess I should get going on my reports! I would make one big post, but I think I will break them out day by day.

I’ll try not to make it too long, but there is no experience like San Diego Comic Con.  This was my second year and I had just as much fun, but the overall experience felt different.  And it’s for this reason that people come back again and again…if you can survive the badge process of course.

I’ll spare you the details of Thursday since I already wrote about it.  I’ll just move on to Friday:

Just a piece of advice for those of you who would like to go one of these days; become well acquainted with lines.  I’m talking about super long lines (there’s 135,000 people there after all, what do you expect?).  Many people will camp out for days for a major celebrity panel, and one lady even died waiting for the Twilight panel.  As for me, I paid hundreds of dollars per night for a swanky room (in a hotel where the celebs stay; we caught Stan Lee coming out of the elevator), so I damn sure planned to use it every night, and I did. There’s a price to pay for this, however.  I was determined to get into the infamous Hall H this year and I did…after a good 6-7 hour wait.  If you’re willing to sacrifice most of your day for something big, that’s up to you. But I promise there are tons of little things to do as well. You certainly have enough to keep you entertained.

Luckily I was able to get into the Resident Evil and Total Recall panels.  I was SO CLOSE to giving up so that I could make the Spartacus panel, but it all worked out! (more…)

San Diego Comic Con is under way!

Hi guys! So SDCC 2012 is under way and I’m having a good ‘ole time.  Just thought I’d post a couple of pics!

I got to meet Chris Daughtry outside of our hotel yesterday:









We also met the Giorgio Tsoukalos, the host of Ancient Aliens:









Not too bad for a Thursday, lol. So Gail Carriger, author of the Parasol Protectorate series, is also here and I plan to get an autograph! Now begs the question, would any of YOU like to be the lucky recipient of a signed copy of her book?  Decisions Decisions!

Also managed to take a few creepy videos:

Don’t think I could own one of these

Creepy as hell!

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