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Hollows Chapter 5 is *finally* here!

No teasing this week. Harper Collins has released the latest chapter.  We’re almost there!

Let me know what you think!

Poll – A Wallpaper? Really? No Hollows Chapter 5

Harper Collins is showing its pimp hand. Knowing that everybody’s anxiously waiting every Tuesday for a new chapter of A Perfect Blood, what do we get in return?! A freaking WALLPAPER! Yep, you heard that right. Heck, I could have made one of those myself! Thanks, but no thanks, H.C. We want the good stuff! Anyway, if any of you want to download this wallpaper as if you haven’t been teased enough, you can find it here:

What would you rather have had?

Never Fear! A Perfect Blood Chapter 4 is here!

I’ve been checking on the hour ever hour for my Hollows peeps, so here it is!  We’re officially under a month until A Perfect Blood is out for all to read!  Let me know how you enjoyed the latest teaser:

A Perfect Blood – Chapter 3 is up!

Calling all Hollows peeps.  Just in case you didn’t know, Harper Collins is releasing a chapter per week leading up to the book’s release:

Check it out! Is anybody liking what they’re reading so far?

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